Bleeding control enclosure with basic kit
Basic Bleeding Control Kit in Nylon bag with 8x6x4 public access enclosure.
This bleeding control station is designed for job trailers, construction sites, general industry, churches, schools and businesses.
Public access bleeding control stations can be the difference between life and death in the presence of a major bleed.
Basic bleeding control kit comes with a CAT Tourniquet, 6" pressure bandage, two rolls of sterile gauze, one trauma shear, two pair nitrile gloves, a sharpie and bleeding control instructions.

ACE Enclosure with Basic Bleeding Control Kit

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8x6x4 virtually indestructible wall enclosure will keep your bleeding control kits safe in public areas (Will hold up to two commercial ziplock kits or one nylon).

Contents included inside commercial ziplock or nylon pouch for easy deployment and opening include:

  • (1) CAT Tourniquet (Orange)
  • (1) 6” ETD Trauma Dressing
  • (2) Rolled Gauze
  • (2) Pair Nitrile Gloves
  • (1) Trauma Shears
  • (1) Permanent Marker
  • (1) Instruction Card