About Us

Talacko Safety Solutions is an experienced training provider and equipment sales company that focuses on helping businesses, schools and places of worship prepare for an active killer situation. This life-saving training and equipment was specifically created to save lives in the event of a hemorrhage. Whether it be creating hemorrhage control stations to be placed strategically in your facility, or by teaching your staff one of the many classes like "Stop the Bleed", Talacko Safety Solutions will help your organization create safety through preparation.

In the early 1970’s, CPR/AED performance and operation were not a common skillset for the American public. But once education spread, it quickly became the standard of care for good Samaritans. Right now, hemorrhage control is the CPR/AED of the early 1970’s. Resources are scarcely available in public places and most people are not trained in the life-saving skill of applying tourniquets. Hemorrhage control is the most important intervention following any type of bleed. Changing our preparation and training to “save our own” is paramount. Unfortunately, we just don’t have the needed supplies or training at the public platform to prevent exsanguination. My mission for the public is to create safety through resources, training and preparedness.

Most of our general public are not aware of a common protocol that first responders have in place which prohibits Fire/EMS personnel from entering a scene until it has been deemed secure by local law enforcement. The current national average is just over twelve and a half minutes for police to isolate and eliminate an active killer, securing the scene for paramedics to enter. That means, like the Parkland Florida school shooting in February 2018, EMS will be staged at a safe distance from the scene and will not be allowed to enter until the threat has been eliminated. Ten minutes without hemorrhage control can be lethal for someone who is actively bleeding.

We may not be able to prevent these heinous acts, but we can help prevent the loss of life. The solution to this problem is to place bleeding and shock equipment in strategic locations in our facilities. The goal here is to “save our own,” to buy time while rescue crews are cleared to enter and render aid.