About Us

Talacko Safety Solutions is an equipment sales and training company that focuses on helping businesses, schools, places of worship and large public facilities prepare for:

  1. Major Bleeds
  2. Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  3. Opioid Overdose
  4. Anaphylaxis from Allergic Reaction 
  5. Drownings

Our equipment and training are specifically tailored to saving lives in the event of a major emergency. There is no equal for preparedness.  Good education, like our Stop the Bleed class, and necessary supplies, like our Life Safety Station, can make the difference between life or death.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that safety is a guarantee!  Here are some important statistics to keep in mind:

  • 4-7 minutes is the average response time for Fire/ Emergency Medical Service (EMS) in major metropolitan cities.
  • 10-15 minutes is the average response time for Fire/EMS in rural areas.
  • 12-15 minutes is the national average that Fire/EMS will be waiting to enter ANY scene that has a hostile threat/active shooter until police can isolate or eliminate the threat. 
  • Brain damage can begin as soon as 3 minutes with no oxygenation or cardiac output.

You must be able to self-rescue to bridge the gap between onset or time of injury and the time paramedics can arrive to render aid. Most public facilities do not have major bleeding control products like tourniquets and pressure bandages. Many facilities still do not carry AED's, Narcan or Epi-Pens. Furthermore, normal first aid kits do not carry these products. It's time to prepare your facility for a major emergency!

Whether it be a job-related injury from a sharp object, sudden cardiac arrest or an opioid overdose, statistic don't lie. We must be able to “save our own” and buy time while rescue crews arrive, are allowed to enter scene and begin to render aid. Placing appropriate equipment in strategic locations of your facility and knowing how to use the equipment can make the difference between life or death

Talacko Safety Solutions, "Creating Safety Through Preparedness!"

What We Sell:

  1. Bleeding Control Kits
  2. AED's
  3. Unique products, kits and safety enclosures for boat docks, pools and public facilities.

Talacko Safety Team

Dustin Talacko (Fire Fighter & Paramedic) - President


Jill Talacko - Vice President