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Life Safety Station

Life Safety Station

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While implementing bleeding control equipment into businesses, schools and places of worship, we realized that life safety equipment is commonly being housed in separate enclosures, scattered over multiple different locations of public facilities. With that in mind, we have manufactured an enclosure that has the sole purpose of accommodating multiple pieces of life-saving equipment but is adjustable enough to fit individual equipment needs. Our unique solution, the "Life Safety Station", is going into public facilities all over the country.

Life Safety Station Features:

  • American made and created out of high strength polycarbonate.
  • Unique shelving design has three vertical and three horizontal configurations to fit any size of AED on the market with space for many other life-saving equipment options (Can create 9 total different configurations).
  • The enclosure is airtight, watertight and will protect equipment indoor or outdoor all year round.
  • Two polycarbonate latches are easy to open but maintain a tight seal to keep equipment safe
  • The enclosure is prominently stickered on three sides displaying “Life Safety Station” for easy recognition of Life Safety Equipment.
  • Clear polycarbonate front-glass is virtually indestructible, keeps the equipment safe but allows for a clear view of what equipment is inside.
  • Integrated mounting flanges eliminate the need to affix additional brackets to the enclosure.
  • Mounting screws and anchors come with the enclosure.
  • Internal dimensions 21-3/4" height X 17-1/2" width X 8" depth
  • External dimensions 24" height X 21" width X 9.5" depth
  • Largest adjustable shelving space 13” height X 11” width X 7 ¼ depth
  • Smallest adjustable shelving space 8.25” Height X 6.25 Width X 7 ¾ Depth
The Life Satisfy Station enclosure includes:
  • Narcan and Epi-Pen pouches with high visibility patch to keep product safe (Narcan and Epi-pen sold separately)
  • CPR Mask 
  • Basic Bleeding Control Kit in a nylon bag with high visibility patch
  • Any brand AED on the market (Sold Separately)
  • Mounts to our Emergency Equipment Platform (Sold Separately) to allow life-saving equipment to be placed anywhere indoors or out


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