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King Bleeding Control Wall Enclosure (No Kit)

King Bleeding Control Wall Enclosure (No Kit)

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18x16x10 Public Access Enclosure

Designed to provide bystanders and initial first responders in public buildings and populated public areas with quick easy access to essential medical equipment for stopping life-threatening bleeding.

  • The enclosure is virtually indestructible and will keep your bleeding control kits safe in public areas.
  • American made enclosure is airtight and watertight and will keep your kits free from damage indoor or outdoor.
  • Made of high-impact, UV resistant material.
  • Stainless steel locking latch gives both esthetically pleasing look and will be extremely strong.
  • Additional latch-loop is specifically designed for tamper-tags for easy accountability and break-away in an emergency. (Tamper Tags sold separately).
  • Talacko Safety Enclosures are UL rated and are the BEST bleeding control public access cases on the market.
  • Enclosures come with all the hardware and brackets needed for mounting.
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