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Talacko Adjustable Cotton Mask

Talacko Adjustable Cotton Mask

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Talacko reusable fabric face masks are the perfect solution for Non-Medical and Non-FDA applications; delivery drivers, warehouse, food service, counter, construction, office, manufacturing, and other workers.

Benefits of the Talacko Reusable Fabric Face Masks:

    • Small mask is best suited for Pre-K 
    • Medium mask is best suited for Kindergarten through 2nd Grade.
    • Large mask is best suited for 3rd grade up to adults (Elkhorn, Millard, Bennington and Lincoln Public Schools all ordered large) 
    • Waste and cost reduction through reuse and sustainability
    • Double layer preshrunk cotton fabric
    • Washable, reusable, sustainable
    • Filter pocket on inner layer of mask to add additional protection with coffee filters or after-market filter inserts
    • Adjustable ear loop for a comfortable fit
    • Nose wire to adjust fit to face
    • Black outer fabric
    • White and other colors available by special order
    • Three sizes are large, medium and small
    • 2-Ply Oeko-Tex cotton that has an internal pocket which allows for the addition of a coffee filter or a commercial filter product that create's an extra barrier of a 3-ply mask.
  • WASHING: The preferred method of washing is hand washing, masks can also be machine washed as delicate garments. When machine washing as a delicate garment place the mask inside a mesh washing bag for delicate garments and use care to protect the mask and its components during washing. Allow the mask to air-dry after washing. Do not share masks between users.

WARNING: Intended use Non-Medical, Non-FDA. This is not a respirator to protect against COVID-19. Practice social distancing, do not touch your face, wash your hands frequently. Do not share masks. Stay safe.

Country of Origin: China


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